WORSE than a “pack of animals” – 3 Muslim Men Jailed for Rape of 16 yr old British girl


WORSE than a “pack of animals” – 3 Muslim Men Jailed for Rape of 16 yr old British girl

Worse than a ‘pack of animals’ – how apt a phrase for these sorry excuses for men. Clearly so vile that they somehow believe forcibly holding down a young girl and subjecting her to violent gang rape was acceptable? Otherwise what kind of degenerate, moronic fiends would do such revolting acts? (answer below)

I am sick to the back teeth of my near weekly posts of the rampant raping of British girls. (and I highlight only a small portion of the actual rapes occurring)  Yet the rapes continue and seem to be reaching a par with the rape epidemic reported on in Sweden which I have also writtin about in the past.

Clearly the abhorrent attitude of muslims, in Sweden, towards Western women,  is representative of the general attitude of European muslim men and the main force behind Rape Jihad:

Some Muslim immigrants admit their bias quite openly. An Islamic Mufti in Copenhagen sparked a political outcry after publicly declaring that women who refuse to wear headscarves are “asking for rape.” Apparently, he’s not the only one thinking this way. “It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl,” says Hamid. “The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably fucked before, anyway. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her, being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she retains her virginity until she marries.” It was no coincidence that it was a Swedish girl that was gang raped in Rissne – this becomes obvious from the discussion with Ali, Hamid, Abdallah and Richard. All four have disparaging views on Swedish girls, and think this attitude is common among young men with immigrant background. “It is far too easy to get a Swedish whore…… girl, I mean;” says Hamid, and laughs over his own choice of words. “Many immigrant boys have Swedish girlfriends when they are teenagers. But when they get married, they get a proper woman from their own culture who has never been with a boy. That’s what I am going to do. I don’t have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get fucked to pieces.” LINK

The above Islamic rationalisations for rape do not fit into Western laws or civilization yet our daughters, mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, friends, etc on a near daily basis, pay a violent, humiliating and unacceptable high price for the muslim colonisation of Europe and the ludicrous pandering that the governments, religious leaders, police and liberals have given to the fast growing muslim population. What is also clear is that political leaders do not want to admit their failed ideology of multiculturalism regardless of who pays the price for their stubborness. 

Undoubtedly the vast majority of these rapes are RACIST attacks by cowardly muslim men specifically targeting white English girls – but the lily-livered media consistently refuses to call them such. Malignant political correctness is also at fault as it more often than not gags the media from accurately reporting muslim crime statistics. Thus, non-muslim victims of muslim violence, particularly rape, are not being acknowledged and reported for what they obviously are: – VICTIMS OF MUSLIM HATE CRIME (OR RAPE JIHAD).

If the situation were reversed and the women were muslims and the men were white there would be an outcry of outrage from every politician, muslim apologist and muslim groups and individuals in the UK.  But because these are white British girls – politicians and leaders show their own racism against the indigenous British population by remaining silent and veritably unconcerned. Such rapes will continue as long as muslim apologists (many of whom are women) persist in making excuses for muslim rapists and choosing to say such despicable rapes are not rape jihad – just a result of “bad character”.

The questions loom = Will Britain, as a thousands year old civilised society, protect British girls and women? –or will they be thrown upon the funeral pyre along with the British culture, laws, courage and humanity?

(Seems a bit of “prison justice” has already taken place.)

Article in full:

Rape gang were like a ‘pack of animals’

01 October 2009
JAILED: Kamal Hussein.
JAILED: Kamal Hussein.
THREE men who attacked a 16-year-old girl like a ‘pack of animals’ as they raped her have been jailed for a total of more than 30 years.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was raped at a friend’s flat in Gravesend in March last year.

RINGLEADER: Kamal Hussein.
RINGLEADER: Kamal Hussein.
Kamal Hussain, 22, and Koyeas Miah, 23, were each given 11-year prison sentences for two counts of rape to be served concurrently at Maidstone Crown Court.

They were sentenced last Friday alongside Salah Uddin, 22, who received eight-and-a-half years in jail after he had earlier pleaded guilty to one count of rape. He was described as “the principal perpetrator”.

RAPIST: Koyeas Miah.
RAPIST: Koyeas Miah.
Judge Philip St John-Stevens said: “It’s clear each of you played your part in subjecting a young girl of just 16 years of age to an appalling and degrading ordeal that has had a profound effect on her and may live with her for many years.

“The three of you acted together in a way a pack of animals could not.

“She described how she tried to push you off and pleaded with you not to continue.

“She said she felt someone else holding her hands preventing her from moving.”

He added: “It must have been petrifying with you three men there.

“Her age is an aggravating feature, she was just 16, a young and vulnerable girl.”

The court heard how Uddin and Miah raped the girl over a 15-minute period while Hussain, who did not have any sexual contact with the girl, stood with a chair by the door blocking her escape.

It was also revealed that while in prison, father-of-one Uddin, of Tarling Street, Whitechapel, was stabbed and father-of-one Miah, of Thorold Road, Ilford, suffered substantial burns when he had boiling water thrown over him.

Raana Sheikh, mitigating for Hussain, of Second Avenue, Manor Park, said he did not have any physical contact with the victim despite accepting the attack was “a joint enterprise”.

He contemplated suicide while in prison.

Hussain and Miah were found guilty following a trial in July.


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