Muslims rape Hindu women and chop them into pieces

Hindu Women in India Found Raped and Chopped Into Pieces by Muslims

The effects of Islam are deadly.  Numerous Hindu Women in India are Being Found: Raped, Mutilated and Decapitated   

The jihad against the Hindu is centuries old, with over 80 million Hindu slaughtered –and that’s a low estimate. The jihadi war continues to this day. The ongoing gruesome slaughter of Hindu by Muslims is scrubbed entirely from the news coverage in the West.

Here are some recent news-links (below) that would explain the recent riots in Assam state (India), where indigenous Bodo Hindus and many of the four million illegal Muslim  infiltrators (from neighboring Bangladesh) fought pitched battles starting from July 19, 2012 for the next two weeks.

The Muslims started the riots; the Hindu gave a fitting response.
According to official (underplayed) version, the death toll is 73;  and that 200,000+ displaced people now reside in refugee camps, after  their homes were burnt down in the violence.
But according to my reliable sources (on the ground), the unofficial death toll and refugee count is much larger.
It is in one of those unreported attacks in Assam’s villages that  the Hindu women were raped and chopped up (as seen in the photograph above).
Given the strong, historical Islamic penchant for necrophilia, may be the  reason why these Hindu women  were chopped up in such a manner so that more Muslims could commit necrophilia long after the women breathed their last breath.
editorial footnote:  A very special thank you to Pamela Geller for writing this story and for all of the courageous work you do on a daily basis for the rights of, not only muslim women and children but, ALL women and children of ALL beliefs and backgrounds.
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  1. g roy says:

    muslims are against civilisation,against humanity. Mohammad is the greatest imperealist by his thought , by his tactics and so are happening. But it is a strange matter that nonoe is opposing.

    • Ali Karim says:

      Your grandma taught you that? Bunch of hypocrites you all are. To paint Islam and the Prophet S.A.W as bad over the act of a bunch of freaks/criminals just because they have Muslim names? You are all are just as imbeciles as the criminals.


      • USMCret says:

        Then why do you allow thesecriminals of Muslim faith commit such horendous acts against non-Muslim people. Because you say nothing in defense ofthevictims then you condone these acts as your Koran dictates

      • Robert Jones says:

        You know where you can go.

      • SweetOlBob says:

        Ali, old boy, no other supposed religion on earth today paonises to kill or enslave others. None other allows the mutilation of girls and women None allows the dilling of your own children on a point of honor. None practices “Bachi Bazi” or the prostitution of young boys. None condones the use of animals for sex. None other goes into absolute madness over a book. None permits and encourages the intermarrying of cousins. None other espouses a set of barbaric laws.
        It’s not because they have muslim names. It’s because they are 7th century throwbacks who follow a so called baby raping, halucinating, murderous, prophet whose dirty book they call law.
        That’s why we are not imbeciles. We can clearly see the danger in islam.

      • Duane Bass says:

        Suck allah dictator dude

      • Nikita63 says:

        Actions speak louder than words. Islam is despicable by any measure if predicated on Sharia Law. You do NOT belong here Go back to wherever you came from and take your hatred and savagry, your barbarity and rage for all non-muslims with you. If you attasck us here, not even the americasn Caliph will be able to save you from the wrath of a free
        people prepared and able TO FIGHT TO RETAIN THAT FREEDOM AGAINST ALL ENEMIES ; FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! I have heard of moderate Muslims: I have yet to actually MEET one. NONE of you are to be trusted.

      • madmemere says:

        Climb back on your camel and get you ugly butt back over the nearest sand dune, or I might decide to do some target practice! Your belief is NOT a religion – -it is a political practice of fascist hate!

    • Subi says:

      Well said. Islam is the curse on earth!

  2. milestone says:

    This is the biggest bullshit ever!! they were Muslim women raped by HINDU men!

    No true Muslim would do anything like this as it’s one of the greatest SINS in Islam. This sight is promoting hate on Islam for their personal gain, sick mother fuckers!

    The Prophet (pbuh) taught to protect, preserve and respect the right of women in EVERY culture and religion. Propoganda at its’ worst!!!

    • If you have a source which convinces me that you’re telling the truth, that it was actually Muslim women raped by Hindu men, then I will happily take the story down. Until then, the story stands. Because I don’t think you’re going to provide me such a source. Secondly, Muhammed was a rapist wife-beater who had sex with a nine-year old girl and kept slaves and cut people’s heads off. You really need to go back and read your Qu’ran and Hadith. Muhammed said it was okay to rape women if they weren’t Muslim.

      • Jawn says:

        Get a life. You sound like an ignorant and stupid white supremacist attempting to sound logical. Mohammed was nothing like you described. He did marry a child but you see marriage does not equal sex automatically. They were married for other reasons and it was circumstantial.

        Also, as I understand, you are a saint and the most noble person on this planet? Tell me this , where were your ancestors when they enslaved African ages ago? Where were your ancestors when they retaliated by raping and dismembering Muslims in the ‘Crusades’. Where were you ancestors when slavery was rampant in America? Where were you ancestors when they raped Native Indians and skinned their scalps? Where were you ancestors when they raped, murdered and lynched African American less than a hundred years ago? Where were your ancestors when they celebrated segregation? Where were they when Nazis murdered millions of Jews and tortured them beyond belief? Where are were they when Asian Americans and Latinos were despised for working for lower wages? Where were they when men and women were raped in illegal cells by soldiers? Where are you when the idiot part of Americans became Islamaphobic and accused them of every single act they themselves committed or their ancestors committed in the past? You are right hear sitting like a low life browsing useless hate websites such as this with no credibility spreading the hate and and prejudice that you you claim to opposeillegaprison cells for accusatio

      • History123 says:

        No offence but while Crusaders were brutal in their methods, so were the Berbers Saracenes and the Moors. Everyone was because it was the reality of life. These points made by everyone are idiotic at best. It’s like condemning Italians because they had gladiator games. And while the British and Dutch did keep slaves from Africa, the biggest suppliers were Arabs and Africans.
        The reality is this. No one can condem our ancestors. That is the fair thing to do. To dwell in the past is also idiotic. However, no one can say that the most peaceful religion is Islam. Algeria, Mali, 9-11, etc are all recent examples of extremists ruining a religion. What ruins it’s credibility is the fact that Muslims are not in the streets everywhere protesting these violent acts.

      • VikkiThiel says:

        Reply to Annie Oakley: Brava. Excellent fiery, well grounded response to Yawn (hand over mouth).

      • James Chin says:

        Look at this statement by the voiceagainstwhites that “Muhammed said it was okay to rape women if they weren’t Muslim”. What kind of teaching is that? Kindly review the beginnings of Muhammed if he is preached as a prophet, what is your understanding of a prophet? Accordingly, Muhammed started to organize a group of bandits, peasants and underprivileged. In his desire to become a leader let alone his charism and insight, he started to build Islam with a very strict regulation on the human existence including his sexual aspirations. When you kill an infidel (non-believer of Islam), you become a saint, and when you die as a saint by KILLING you have 40 virgins waiting for you in heaven, otherwise 40 boys will be with you too if you like them. This is a teaching inscribed in Kor’an. A very human projection of sexual satisfaction. Such teaching motivates followers to the desire of 1)becoming a saint, 2)going to heaven, 3)having 40 virgins, 4) enjoying boys. No one is contesting that because if you do, you will also be killed.

      • Abdul haseeb says:

        Shutt the hell up your little peace of shit

    • Maxanne Fox says:

      You Muslims love twisting things around. Your Prophet is putrid; just like the MUSLIM men that did this vile act to this women. This site doesn’t need to promote hate on Islam; Muslims bring it on themselves. You know what? We are opening our eyes and not only hating Islam but loathing and DESPISING what we see.

      Propaganda at its worst? More like taqiyya at its best. Nice try, Milestone.

      • Annie Oakley says:

        Quoting Jawn: “Where were your ancestors when they retaliated by raping and dismembering Muslims in the ‘Crusades’”

        Jawn has said something that I think we can agree with. He admits that the Crusades were retaliation, meaning that the muslims provoked the Holy Wars. This is true. The first Crusade came only after the muslims preyed upon Jews, Christians and pilgrims in the Middle East for approximately 450 years.

        As for the rest of it…my ancestors didn’t keep slaves. Instead, they were enslaved by the British…..for almost 800 years. My ancestors never kept slaves, nor did they want to. My ancestors didn’t even arrive in America until well after slavery was ended in this country, however it should be noted the Irish were some of the fiercest fighters in the Union army. My ancestors never raped or scalped or otherwise mistreated a Native American. My ancestors never lynched or otherwise mistreated a black American. My ancestors never celebrated segregation….they were all too familiar with signs at factories that said “No Irish need apply”. When millions of Jews were being murdered by the Nazis, my father wore an American soldier’s uniform and fought the Axis powers in an infantry unit. His brother fought the Axis powers in the skies. When Asians & Latinos were working for lower wages, my family supported efforts to increase their wages and improve their living conditions. As far as “illegal cells” goes…I have no idea what you are talking about. Most of the men I know wouldn’t have sex with a muslim of either gender even if you allowed them to use your dick so they wouldn’t have to dirty their own. And the vast majority of our soldiers are too well-trained and well-disciplined to even consider committing such a war crime.

        You really ought to consider changing your name to “Yawn”, because we really are tired of hearing muslims incessant whining, shrieking, crying and demanding concessions and “respect” that you have not earned.

        Any more questions, Jawn?

      • AMina says:

        The Crusades were the response of the West against the Islamic invasion in Europe.

    • Ginger says:

      No body has ever accused muslims of being honest, we expect you to lie…

    • WonderBoy says:

      You are wrong. your own religion says so.

      Quran 2:282 – states that: The testimony of a woman is worth half of the testimony of a man.

      Sahih al-Bukhari 2658 – states that: women are intellectually deficient.

      Quran 4:24 – states that: Warrior Muslims were allowed to commit adultery and/or fornication with women captured in battle (women whom warrior muslims right hands possess) even if the women captured in battle were married.

    • admin says:

      You’re full of nonsense. Muslims are responsible for the biggest rape wave through Europe. In North India, which is Muslim dominated, the rape statistics are so high and overrepresented compared to the South people are now demanding the death penalty for rape.

    • croc_doze says:

      your prophet taught how to rape women by paying them dower and that is for muslim women (worth 50%) whereas he said slave women (of non muslims) are free to be raped or kept as sex slaves. Funny how you accuse us of promoting hatred when you quran is full of hatred aginst us, infact more than 61% is hate. go read your najl book and then accuse others.

    • How could you talk such utter garbage. All that I read about islam just makes me want to be physically sick. pbuh mahommed, he is in the presence of the devil and his angels and will never have peace.

    • Eddie G. says:

      Hey Milestone, were you there?? Muslims aren’t the good guys. Next you’re going to tell me the towers came down on 9/11 when crashed into by aircraft piloted by Hindus.

    • Star says:

      Telling lies to farther your cause to kill all religion and make a take over of all nations to be rules by muslims who are so sick and inbred.Anyone carrying out a act such as this, is not sane.You are so badly sick that all muslims must be put to death, l hoping you realize, God will judge you for this crime against Him.

    • Al says:

      Greatest sins, are you kidding you LY ING P O S? Your “religion” ENDORSES PEDO PHILIA for f–k sake! You sto ne CHILDREN to DEA TH for not “marrying” old men that do nothing but RA PE them continually. You SLAU GHTER your daughters & call it honorable, you throw ac id on women for daring to want to live like human beings. YOU are the HA TERS, YOU are the DEP RAVED & YOU are the VERY SIC KEST mother fu ckers because YOU actually do that too!

    • Shemara says:

      You are a lier!
      I know many former Muslims who have come out to expose the truth, and many missionaries who have experimented your Muslim hate, one women’s young sons and husband burned alive in their van by the Muslim villagers they had gone to share Gods love with!
      Try reading the Quran, it teaches nothing but hate and murder..your false prophet is a hateful sick pervert burning in hell for his hate of Gods people and rape of children..and it doesn’t matter if he married them, he’s still a pervert and child molester!

    • re: Mile-‘stoned’;
      Tell me you are joking.. please? No “true” muslim would do anything like this..? LOL.. are you serious? The S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) for muslim men. Yes.. the modus operandi. They are following in the footsteps of your pedophile prophet. (poobuh) (SAW Part I – III)

      And, then you got the nerve to blame this on Hindu men.
      Hey, you may wanna’ cut back on the opium a little.. you know, break it in half next time.
      Oh yeah.. get an education.. because a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

      p.s. We love #RapeJihad! Keep telling the truth..

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  3. George says:

    who do you think taught the west about african slaves??? which is still continuing to this day !!!

  4. InfidelLADY says:

    All these pro-Islam idiots LISTEN UP!

    The Quran features the words “kill” and “fear” over 33,000 times. It is full of entries to beat/kill/stone infidels, Jews, women and children for ‘honour’, homosexuals, adulterers, apostates and anyone they feel isn’t a true Muslim – basically everyone. Funny how homosexuality is haram yet US Ambassador to Libya was anally RAPED by Muslim gangs prior to his murder. Female rape victims are killed for sex outside of marriage even though they’ve done nothing wrong. The word of a woman is worth half of that of a man in Sharia law. Yeah, religion of peace my lily-white arse!

    Islam is a cult, not a religion. Islam is worse than the Nazi regime and is a cancer on this world that needs to be eradicated.

    The UK along with many other countries like Australia who have been nothing but accommodating to Muslims have it thrown back in their faces. Muslim grooming gangs have been raping and abusing vulnerable WHITE infidel girls (usually in care) since the 1970s in the UK alone and imams don’t condemn these acts, nor do the perpetrators show any remorse.

    Only Muslims circumcise GIRLS in mass ceremonies with no anaesthetic or hygiene as to “subdue” them. Sick.

    Momo married Aisha at 6 and RAPED her at 9. NINE! Still a child!!! Child brides are still being married off at ridiculously young ages in Muslim countries – in the year 2012 Iran has tried to LOWER the minimum age to marry to be in keeping with Islam (from 10 to 9).

    And Jawn, Muslims were enslaving people (mainly blacks – still to this day in fact and even have a term for black people that means slave as that is what they are seen as) from 600AD – long before the UK and USA.

    This cult is a sick, twisted ideology written by a schizophrenic, evil, drug-addicted, paedophile, homosexual, illiterate, narcissistic troll whose lust for carnage is beyond that of any mass murderer (even Hitler) or evil dictator the world over throughout history. The world will be a wonderful and peaceful place without this disgusting Satanic cult.

    Pigshit be upon him and all you uneducated nutters who believe in that Quranic filth or sympathise with such monsters.

    • Ali Karim says:

      Here comes another @$$ hole. Now listen up bunch of hypocrites. To paint Islam and the Prophet S.A.W as bad over the act of a bunch of freaks/criminals just because they have Muslim names? You are all are just as imbeciles as the criminals.

      • Ali Kazan, I think you need to take a good long hard look at yourself and your evil ideology that is called islam. I have never in my life read of such inhumane actions that are carried out in the name of a moon god – pagan. We now live in the 21st century and not back in the dim dark ages which is where many of your evil brethren still live. God made us equal, yet you treat your women as lower than the lowest. My prayer is that you will see the light of Christ who died for your sins. Then you nwill know a peace that passes all understanding. I find your comments offensive and deem you to be the imbecile.

      • Buddy says:

        All muslims are lower than lice. The only good muslim is a DEAD ONE.

      • mesamanp47 says:

        May you be forced to eat pork, wed a Jew, and die of chronic diarrhea.

    • William Taylor says:

      You go girl.

    • sickofit says:

      Oh yeah! Great response; thank you. I can’t decide if they are mentally deficient (probably), misguided (of course) or stupid (given). In fact, the most succinct description would be “evil”. This is NOT a religion of peace!

    • Abdul haseeb says:

      I swear if u were in front of me than I would’ve shot you on ur face until the bullets run out

  5. Zain NA says:

    Actually this is s fake news by sankhees.
    India is not a muslim majority ..its a hindu majority..muslimscan’t du like that …….this s a cruality agaist muslim samhaparivaar ……..

    • What’s your point about India being majority Hindu? Just because Muslims are the minority doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. Are you saying that minorities are automatically innocent by virtue of being minorities? There’s more Muslims in the world than Hindus.

      • grant ennew says:

        i for one want to agree this much that it is filth they can not see it even so in the spelling of said book…qaran -koran the hidden meaning is qaran= to- questions answers running agaist nations,,,even changeing the name koran = to- killing orders running against nations this evil is of allah= to-satan the real reasons this cult is here now a history lesson hagar was told she was going to have a baby and she was to call this evil baby ishmael the founder of the muslim cult,,,and he was as wild as a donkey and a donkey of a man his hand will be against everyone and everyones hand against him and he will live in hostility towards all his brothers… this is biblical found in geniesis16;11-12 this is where muslims come from ,,,and bible means basic instructions before leaving earth…

  6. ronmorgen says:

    There are a lot of people on this page who just got their eyes opened. They seem like they are in denial. You have seldom heard of Muslims doing these things because your liberal media won’t report on it and your liberal friends won’t talk about it.. You see, we have freedom of speech and press but there are certain subjects taboo to print as they are considered hate speech and you can be vulnerable to prosecution. Stay on these sites and learn. We are not lying about Islam. We are speeking an uncomfortable and dangerous truth on a subject that can get you imprisoned or killed in many countries. And it is coming here. Indeed it is here as an unwritten law soon to be written.

  7. Åsa Lindborg says:

    Poor young boys. They can get a new life in Sweden.

  8. This website is NOT racist, it is standing up for Hindu women and deserves to be commended. Muhammad was a pedophile child rapist monster and it’s natural for people who truly follow Islam to behave this way.

  9. Peda says:

    These things happen from both sides Hindu and Muslim raping each others…that is the fact. Indians Gang Rape their own lot too as we have read news lately…

  10. zooni says:

    first of all mr./ms. non. muslim let me tell u dat one who doesn’t respect other’s religion dont have any religion.coz evry religion teaches humanity n yr language itself showing it dat u’ve not learned from yr religion.bcoz hindu religion dont teach such beyond readable languages.
    secondly,u can’t consider rapists as hindus or muslims.if u do so den see around dat these delhi gangrapists r non muslims.but for me they r like animals/inhuman having no religion whethr hindu or muslim.

    • croc_doze says:

      islam does not respect any other religion, period. we know islam very well, its a religion of death destruction and hate, pure evil

      • Ali Karim says:

        Drawing conclusions based on crime committed by a bunch of freaks just because they have Muslim names? You are all are just as imbeciles as the criminals.

    • sickofit says:

      There are usually community courses teaching English as a second language. Check them out.

  11. zooni says:

    3) at our prophets tym dere was no law of below 18 as rape ndat marriage wasn’t used 2 consider wrong.even if uask ur anscstors u’ll find dat one was marriag on 7/8etc.n by d way dont u see balika vadhu i think its a hindu serial wich shows child marriag was legal unless law was passed .so in ur view all hindu rajisthanis r rapists but not in behave yr language while talking abt prohet n islam.n still u do so we won’t retaliate by cursing ram.ndat is d identity of true muslim

  12. susie says:

    my relative that lives in America and is a muslim paid a dowry so her 14 year old niece could get married in India. This girl begged not to get married. How shameful. The prophet of Islam is a big deceiver. He makes claims that he was hearing words from God. This is very hard for me to believe. I believe he was a very ILL man, meaning mentally ill.

    • Ali Karim says:

      Yeah right, you another expert on what right and wrong? Says who, your grandma?

      • ulrick blytt says:

        Your “comebacks” and your copy/pasting are obvious signs of defeat. Please give it a rest and take the loss like a man.

        If Islam is such a great religion, how come we haven’t seen any good acts of Islam lately?
        “ooh the media just focuses on the bad things related to Islam Q.Q”, well..
        In Norway there was a protest outside the Government main building with around 3000 muslims showing their support to this crazy Moyheldeen Mohammad as he was threatening Norway with a new 9/11.
        Shortly after there was a demonstration against this hateful incident where muslims where to show their disgust against this and only 10-13 met up.

        Islam is a disease and the cure is simple.

      • Ali Kazan, your so called prophet was of the devil and that is where he now resides.

  13. Bonbon says:

    Sorry milestone, muslims shave there pubic hair, so these are certainly not muslim girls.

  14. Kansus says:

    Islam religion is a misdirected, twisted and fucked up idealogy and I still can’t believe how the muslims are taking it seriously about it. Muslims are usually agressive and plans ahead. what i mean plans ahead is that Right now “Islamization” is taking place everywhere. Believe it or not guys look at India’s ex-territory Pakistan is seperated from mainland asked for reasons of independence and shit. Now it’s full of fucked up Muslims and talibans crooks. Not only that study and find out what happened to Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan people wouldn’t notice that but they were turned to muslim countries from Buddhist countries.
    Now Myanmar “Arakhan aka Rakhine state” in Myanmar(Burma) controlled 99% by muslims known to be “Rohingyas” which is former Bangaladesh citizens. Now it’s thrown into chaos by muslims turning their swords and weapons against the Natives. It’s living hell out there trust me guys It’s my country and I fucking hate muslims!!! now they’re planning to break off from mainland and heard they’re going to name it Arakhanistan or some sort of shit hole like that. They spread rumors that there are massacres going on against muslims in that state. There’s none such thing as massacring muslim here and the ones who are massacred are the natives by muslims. That’s only one fact that makes us hate muslims. There are lots of countries being islamized Norway, UK, America, India they are most visibly seen that population of muslims are bursting like hell bout several percentages are increasing every year. eg 1-2% every year in most countries and trust me that’s true fact that they’re eroding away the natives beliefs and cultures bit by bit every year. If we’re neglect about what’s happening to our world infected by Islam virus the world world will be dominated and thrown into rape, kill, murder, all sorts of crime. You can call me racist if u want but I’ll let u know that I don’t hate them coz of having long mustaches or being black, but of being a fucking muslim following stupid and fucked up regulations of Quran.

    • Ali Karim says:

      What are you, theologien? Bunch of hypocrites you all are. To paint Islam and the Prophet S.A.W as bad over the act of a bunch of freaks/criminals just because they have Muslim names? You are all are just as imbeciles as the criminals.

      • Ali Kazan, you are at it again. Your language is very limited and as I said before, you are the imbecile.

      • sickofit says:

        OK – so if this was :just a bunch of freaks/criminals”, just how many freaks and criminals are there in your “religion”? Because it seems like you keep using this, so assume you are using it every time there is an incident involving you poor, misunderstood …..

  15. sandali says:

    Rape by Muslim (sorry the dont do That?)

    Slavery by Islam!

  16. Min Maung says:

    We Hate Of This People.

    • Ali Karim says:

      We also hate the Chinese who left a little girl die being run over by cars, one after another without anyone stopping to help. Bunch of hypocrites you all are. To paint Islam and the Prophet S.A.W as bad over the act of a bunch of freaks/criminals just because they have Muslim names? You are all are just as imbeciles as the criminals.

      • Oh Ali Kazan, What about all the women who are either hanged or beheaded after being raped and not having four witnesses to the rape. Now, come on, who is going to invite four witnesses to watch yhou being raped by one or more of your islamist brethren?

  17. Nelson says:

    who will be responsible persons at this problems, and how to handle~

  18. I am so tired of all of the hand wringing in the western world. Whenever this kind of thing happens, response brutally and at random. This works for Muslims because the “civilized” people don’t respond. For the death of these two women I’d wipe an entire Muslim village off of the map.

    • Ali Karim says:

      Here’s another expert. Bunch of hypocrites you all are. To paint Islam and the Prophet S.A.W as bad over the act of a bunch of freaks/criminals just because they have Muslim names? You are all are just as imbeciles as the criminals.

      • Anne says:

        You think by writing the same comments over and over again, you are gaining some kind of credibility? Everyone sees through you, and islam. You guys like to rape little girls and women. Admit it. And pretending to follow “allah” gives you the right to do so, right? Or is it the “prophet” who also raped little girls who gives you the right to do so? Sick people you are.

      • Ali Kazan, here you go again, repeating what you have said over many comments. Do you suffer with a stutter?

      • Parmesh says:

        Mr Karim, You are just freaking again again… do you know you are in such a fucked up Religion where even you are not safe .. why to talk about Girls, you are just considering Girl as a Toy or Amusement thing… you are just marrying her so that you can you can make her a Child Production Machine… then you use to marry your own girl child so that you can produce more population… so sock you are.. I can’t even imagine.. you can marry to your real sister as well.. just because you want more and more population… In your Religion you are allowed to have sex with animals… shitt shitt shitt….

  19. tina says:

    that muslim is very lie and dirty and greedy . muslim men did rape sikh girls . muslim always wifes 10 to 15. make sick muslim men .

    • Ali Karim says:

      Bunch of hypocrites you all are. To paint Islam and the Prophet S.A.W as bad over the act of a bunch of freaks/criminals just because they have Muslim names? What about the six men who gang raped, tortured and left to die the girl in the bus lately? Why not paint India as “sick country”? You are all are just as imbeciles as the criminals.

  20. ronmorgen says:

    Islam is the problem. It is a religion of death.

  21. Bobby Styles says:

    I live in California USA—islam is a religion of the devil. Here in America most people believe islam is a peace-loving religion and usually get good reviews in the media —they put there head in the sand and then hope for the best…

  22. Lucifer says:

    aaaah this is so cool

  23. mariposaoro says:

    One thought: Why do people try to use religion to justify their actions?? Defilement,murder etc are not justifiable actions! They are a disgusting and deserve the same treatment of their victims!

  24. Hassaan says:

    This is the most preposterous story ive ever come across. Hindus are in majority in India and they kill and rape muslim women on will. This actually happened to the minority Muslims in India. Youtube is full of confessions from of extremist leaders of that massacre. Just a few days back when Pakistan won the cricket series from India. Indian extremists and Shev-Sina members made Muslim blood flow in the gutters of Indian Punjab and Gujrat state. Hundreds were injured and looted.

    • Why does everyone keep saying “Hindus are the majority” and “Muslims are the minority”? So what? Just because you’re the minority doesn’t mean you’re innocent.

    • Kalpesh says:

      Hassan, for God’s sake, stop spreading lie. No muslims were killed by Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena stands up for Marathi speaking people which includes Muslims. How can you expect God to forgive you for spreading hate? Indian muslims live in India just like Hindus.

  25. abraham says:

    I am a christian and I believe that Lord Jesus died on the cross for the entire mankind. Why cant we live in peace for once? Why cant we live together like brothers? I mean, after all, aren’t we the children of the same God?

    • No, Hinduism has completely different gods.

      • abraham says:

        So, does that mean we should end up killing each other? I dont care if u r a hindu, muslim, christian or jew or sikh. i honestly dont care. There is only 1 God and we are all his children. I mean every single one of us. Please understand and accept that fact like a man. And when evry1 starts accepting it, u will find that more than half the problem would have been solved.

      • You said “aren’t we the children of the same god?”. My answer is no, I don’t think we are. So your premise collapses there, unless you can give me some reason to think that we’re all the children of the same god. You say “there is only one god” like it’s a fact. Why is there only one god, what if there are many gods or no gods? If there’s only one god, how do you know which god it is?

        If everyone believed they were children of the same god, that might stop religious conflicts. But that doesn’t mean it’s true. Hindus would say they are the children of the Hindu gods, Shintoists would say they are the children of the Shinto gods, Zoroastrians would say they are the children of Ahura Mazda, etc. How do you know we’re all the children of YOUR god?

  26. Terry Yost says:

    We are all infidels to them. The funny thing is our Manual says that they are the infidels.

  27. Pingback: Religion of Peace Alert: Muslims Rape, Murder and Dismember Hindu Women

  28. joseph smit says:

    what is wrong with india??? why are they not warring out those bastard out of the country? i just do not grasp the foolishness of any decent goverment doing nothing.

  29. Islam is death. Islam is murder. Islam is cowardice. Islam is misogyny. Islam is oppression. Islam is rape. Islam is pedophilia. Islam is war. Islam is tyranny. Islam is a lie. Islam hates love. Islam hates pork. Islam hates Humans. Islam hates life. Islam hates peace. Islam hates Jews. Islam hates women. Islam hates knowledge. Islam hates freedom. Islam hates tolerance. Islam is an enemy of Humanity. It is a cancer on the Human spirit. Hate Islam out of existence. Its humans versus Muslims.

  30. SV says:

    if its True then I hate Islam

  31. VikkiThiel says:

    The responses in defense of Islam show that you are dumb as rocks and dishonest even to yourself.

  32. Dawg says:

    It’s so simple, Allah is truly SATAN and old Mohammad is one of Satan’s demons.

  33. dibya says:

    @Hassan-u r totally a lier, Islam teaches to lie also. Wat u comentd here is actualy completly oposite. In india Muslims were given much more freedom n oportunity dan Minoitis in Pakistan n Bangldesh. Evn in India most of of da crimes n murders hav ben comittd by muslim minoritis. Recently four hindu villages in West Bengal wer burnt down n plunderd killing hundreds of inocent people by Muslims wthout any reason, but only bcoz of a rumour. Yet hindus r keeping patience, n not taking any action. When wil u stop lying???

  34. yusuf says:

    What kind of nonsence. Is this u must try to get good info

  35. Bhavna says:

    Islam and other Abrahamic religions are narrow-minded, rigid, orthodox, and fundamentalist. They indoctrinate their believers from a young, impressionable age, and go on to breed bigotry and communal animosity. Unlike Hinduism which is more of a faith than a hard and fast religion, Islam outcasts those who do not adhere to its socio-cultural and religious norms. Religions like Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism are more about spirituality, enlightenment and self-awakening, which is why I do not have a problem with them (I am a Hindu agnostic at heart). They instill in us virtues such as non-violence, wisdom and love for the arts (as incarnated by Saraswati), handwork and sincerity (as personified by Karthik), prosperity and optimism (Laxmi), goodwill (Ganesh), feminine power and independence (as embodied by Durga and other shakti Goddessess), brotherhood and familial unity (Rama), discipline and intelligence (Krishna). They are not coercive like Islam, and do not stifle our basic rights and freedoms of expression, thought and belief. As a Hindu, I can follow whichever path I choose to today, for instance, I can abort my child or dress however I may please; if I were a Muslim woman, however, I would be a social pariah if I did the same. Islam marginalizes, oppresses, and silences its women; it is extremely patriarchal. Let’s not forget the manner in which it treats its animals. As an animal lover and vegetarian, I am appalled by the cruel and gory ritual of halal and believe it needs to be put an end to if we are to call ourselves a civilized, ethical society. Islam was written as a means to mobilize a primitive, war mongering race of people, unite them by means of a common cause. Its prophet was backward and barbaric, and wrote the tennets of his religion only to suit his own selfish motives. Pagan religions like Hinduism, on the other hand, are less dangerous as they worship the various facets of nature directly or through idols. Though they are plagued by their own set of problem (like casteism in the case of Hindism), they do not hamper the attainment of knowledge and self-discovery. This is the reason they are flexible and adaptable and have room for improvisation, addition and improvement. Today, if someone were to challenge a Shia tennet on the other hand, they would be faced by a fatwa or stoned to death! Islam is a deadly malady which needs a cure as soon as possible!

    To borrow the insightful words of Schopenhauer who was greatly critical of Islam, “Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think.”

    • dot head singh says:

      But then why are you all smelly, do you have a god for cleanliness? you need a condom god, maybe. there are too many of you. you are the cause of starvation in india and elsewhere, you fat ugly brahmin.

  36. Veller Apa says:

    This is very obvious, because,
    1) Indian Hindus are the most selfish and coward most creatures found on earth while dealing with Muslims. Even while talking to a Muslim theses mother fuckers pretend to be so gentle and polite calling them brother friend, never use any abusive word on their face, even if it was necessary…. the truth is that they are affright. Talking about/against Muslims in front of a Muslim…. OMG they call it ”sensitive issues” they don’t want to talk about. Well… while saying so, Hindus are very good and brave while kicking and fucking the asses of other Hindus by discriminating in different casts (high cast — low cast …etc.). Also people from different states with different mother tongue do not like each other… soooo fucked up. Basically Hindus don’t have unity among themselves. But if Muslims attack/kill Hindu, rape Hindu girls, no matter what, these selfish assholes will never unite together to fight back. Really worthless people. So @ joseph smit how do you expect these self-fucking assholes to acquire the courage to kick Muslim out of the country. Hindus would rather shit themselves but cannot fight against Muslims. Sooner the situation is about to come when Hindus in India will be left with only two options – convert to Islam or die.
    2) The politicians of India are the real son a bitch, which is like an add-on advantage for the Muslims.
    So the morel of the story is that Indian Hindus actually deserve that.

  37. Masood says:

    Christians are the worst of all.
    Your church funds terrorism in India(north-east) & Africa. Why don’t you google about it, which your ‘liberal’ media does’nt show.
    These Bodos are predominantly christians that have been involved in insurgency and killing other hindu tribes since 4 decades and are funded by the CHURCH , mainly the baptist bast@rds. Since time of Mughals(except a fanatic Aurangazeb), hindus & muslims got very well with each other till the b@stard Brits played their ‘Divide & Rule’. They even brought back and fueled the almost dead caste system. To make themselves heroes ,they exaggerated hindu ‘sati’ numbers & said widows were thrown into fire while it was ‘mostly’ voluntary or war time suicide to save one’s honour.
    This violence was started by the Bodos instigated by their church. I appeal hindus to please research/search more about this. Innocent poor immigrants & Indian muslims too were fired upon by automatic firearms. I’m an Indian muslim & I do know more than all these people here combined about this.i condemn this incident but please understand this violence went anti ways. My words need reach mainly my Indian brethren here(who could relate everything i said) and others can ignore facts .

  38. Abdul haseeb says:

    I really really feel sorry for the victims but you can’t judge anyone on the basis of its religion.The people who are doing such crimes have no right to be called a Muslim because Islam strictly forbids such crimes , Infact such a criminal should be killed wherever found but you are missguiding people about Islam because Islam doesn’t ask them to do such a sin.

  39. Abdul haseeb says:

    I am with you. I swear if these mother fuckers were in front of me then I would have cut off their heads…then it would have been true JIHAD. Listen you bloody bastereds , if someone said even a word against my beloved PROPHET ( pbuh) than I’ll shoot off his head.Because of fools like you people hate Islam.

  40. Abdul haseeb says:

    Oh just SHUTT UP
    What do u know about Islam.ISLAM is a true islam everyone is equal unlike the cast system in Hindus.Islam we worship a single God called Allah.Unlike hindus who worship idols.I don’t understand that if something can’t even move on its own then how can it fullfil your needs , and ot a single idol 360 idols.In islam their are specific rights for women , they are not silenced , they wear hijab and do parda unlike the half nude clothes the non-muslim women wear and their parents don’t even a word. Thats freedom in your words.Thats also a reason for increasing rape cases in India.Islam has set these rules for our favour.

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