Jim Fixed It For Islamophiles

Rochdale Muslim Rape-Gang?
High Wycombe Muslim Rape-Gang?
Rotherham Muslim Rape-Gang?
East London Muslim Rape-Gang?
Oldham Muslim Rape-Gang?
Leicester Muslim Rape-Gang?
Oxford Muslim Rape-Gang?
Telford Muslim Rape-Gang?
Blackburn Muslim Rape-Gang?
Keighley Muslim Rape-Gang?
Ipswich Muslim Rape-Gang?
Blackpool Muslim Rape-Gang?
Dewsbury Muslim Rape-Gang?
Bradford Muslim Rape-Gang?
Brierfield Muslim Rape-Gang?
Derby Muslim Rape-Gang?
Carlisle Muslim Rape-Gang?
Leeds Muslim Rape-Gang?
Sheffield Muslim Rape-Gang?


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5 Responses to Jim Fixed It For Islamophiles

  1. ironwand says:

    Just put this in Twitter/Facebook. Good stuff. Check out Rogues’ Gallery: http://roguesgallery666.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. 53north says:

    Thanx for the Good website…Police will have their own attacked sooner or later and something may get done.

  3. Silvatici says:

    Being angry is no longer enough, the British State has no interest in preventing these crimes. The Police should be viewed as complicit in these outrages. Politicians should be viewed as the perpetrators. The mohammedans are given free rein by the ‘paedo-liberalists’.

  4. Greying Wanderer says:

    Good job collating this stuff.

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