Is ethnicity and religion relevant?

  • The activities of the Oxford sex ring are “bound up with religion and race” because all the men – though of different nationalities – were Muslim and they “deliberately targeted vulnerable white girls”. [Source]
  • Muslim Anjum Tahir raped an English woman because, in his own words, he “didn’t understand the English way of doing things”. [Source]
  • Muslim Ali Ehsan sexually assaulted a British woman because, in the words of his defence lawyer, he was somewhat isolated. He was a fish out of water in Bournemouth. He’d never before left Pakistan and he lived a very conservative lifestyle there based around his family. It was the second day of Eid, a time when family comes together“. [Source]
  • Rotherham Muslim rape-gang member Umar Razaq called his victim a “white bitch” [Source]
  • Ethnicity is a factor in on-street grooming cases, a Labour MP representing the town at the centre of a major child exploitation case has said. [Source] [Source]
  • Left-wing pro-immigration politician says “Danish girls [in Denmark] must learn to behave differently in relation to people from different cultures [to avoid being raped]” [Source]
  • Defence lawyer argues his client should be given a lenient sentence because he was a “cultural time-bomb” who had “emigrated from a country with traditional views of women” [Source]
  • “It’s cultural practices that have been imported into this country from Pakistan and we must not lose sight of that fact” [Source]
  • Oxford Muslim rape-gang “exclusively wanted white girls to abuse” [Source]
  • There is a “specific problem” in some areas where Pakistani men “target vulnerable white girls”. [Source]
  • Blonde girls in Scandinavia are dying their hair black to appear less provocative to Muslims [Source] [Source] [Source]
  • The Oxford rape-gang had “medieval attitudes” towards girls [Source]
  • Oxford grooming ring was race-hate gang rape [Source]
  • She told the jury she was raped by “hundreds of men, 99.5% of them Asian”. [Source]
  • A House of Commons select committee concluded “it would certainly seem to be the case that most of grooming gangs are Muslim”. [Source]
  • Lebanese Muslims led by Bilal Skaf gang-raped white Australian girls, calling them “Aussie Pig”, telling them “we’re going to fuck you Leb-style”, “you deserve it because you’re Australian”, and asking them if “Leb-cock tastes better than Aussie-cock”. [Source]
  • Iranian immigrant doctor who groped patients said “Western women open their legs to easily” [Source]
  • Muslims led by Ashtiaq Asghar murdered a white girl they were having sex with, calling her a “kuffar bitch” (“kuffar” is a derogatory term for a non-Muslim). Their mother also  called her a “dirty white bitch”. [Source]
  • Muslim Adil Rashid had sex with a 13 year-old girl and said it was because his Muslim upbringing taught him it was okay. [Source]
  • Somali paedophile Ahmed Omar raped a ten-year old Danish girl anally, vaginally and orally because he was traumatised and angry after coming from Somalia [Source]. Bizarrely, the courts then decided he wouldn’t be deported because he was “well-integrated” [Source]
  • Peterborough woman sexually assaulted by “Asian” wearing a skullcap. [Source]
  • Muslim paedophile Azad Miah called his victims “White Trash” [Source] and said “In My Country Age Doesn’t Matter” [Source]
  • Muslim rapist Abdul Reda Al Shawany raped two women as punishment for reading the Bible, saying “Let Your Jesus Help You”. [Source]
  • Muslim rapists the Khan brothers gang-raped girls and said they did it because they weren’t wearing head-scarves and in their culture women can’t say no. [Source]
  • Lawyer for Azhad Uddin used “he’s from a strict Muslim family” as a defence [Source]
  • “Strict Muslim” Sunny Islam raped multiple girls as punishment for being outside. [Source]
  • Rochdale groomer Shofik Ali had previous convictions for racially-aggravated assault [Source]
  • Muslim Rapist Esmatullah Sharifi said he raped women because of “cultural differences” and he didn’t understand what “consent” was. [Source]
  • Muslim rapists justified their rapes by saying they were celebrating Eid, and the court was packed with vocal Muslim supporters who agreed with them and abused the judge. [Source]
  • Rochdale groomer told victim he wasn’t doing anything wrong because “in my country you’re allowed to have sex with girls from the age of 11″. [Source]
  • Judge concludes “You preyed on these girls because they were not part of your community or religion” [Source]
  • Katie Taylor was groomed by Muslims who “said they couldn’t be seen with her because she was white”. [Source]
  • Nigerian [50% Muslim] paedophile Opemipo Jaji was “obsessed with little white girls”. [Source]
  • Muslim rape-gang in Telford smuggled white girls through the back window of their takeaway because they didn’t want to be seen with white girls [Source] [Source] and told them to “suck my sweet chocolate cock”. [Source]
  • Muslim rape-gang leader Shabir Ahmed said in court “It’s not just them who are racist, we are racist too!”. [Source]
  • Girl A in the Rochdale case “was singled out because she was white”. [Source]
  • White Australian girls complain of constant racial-sexual harassment by Lebanese men. [Source]
  • North African rapist in France “was angry at white people” and “wanted to humiliate white people”. [Source]
  • Mufti Shahid Mehdi said “Women are not entitled to respect when they walk around without a Hijab. They are to blame when they are attacked”. He later raped a Danish woman, then accused her of being racist when she pressed charges. [Source]
  • Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali says women are asking to be raped by not wearing a hijab. [Source]
  • Muslim immigrants interviewed in Sweden say “It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl”. [Source]
  • Pakistani who raped white girl told her “this is how it is in my religion”. [Source]
  • Rotherham sex-grooming had ‘cultural characteristics…which are locally sensitive in terms of diversity'” [Source]
  • “Asian” men in Britain are 5 times more likely to be groomers than white men in Britain. [Source]
  • Black rapist in France asked white women their nationality and religion before raping them. [Source] [Source] [Source]
  • Saudi Muslim cleric says the 72 virgins in Paradise are white women with wide eyes. [Source]
  • Muslim prayer leader from Egypt claims “cultural misunderstanding” made him sexually assault Australian women. [Source]
  • Iranian diplomat claims he accidentally molested under-age girls because of “cultural misunderstanding” [Source]
  • Somali man breaks into London house with a meat cleaver threatening to rape one of the girls because “It’s Eid” [Source]
  • Asian sex gang ‘were acting within cultural norms’ [Source]
  • Convicted taxi rapist Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch shouts “Allahu’ Akbar!” in court [Source]
  • Convicted serial rapist Husaini Master told the jury he was a devout Muslim from a traditional Indian family [Source]
  • Derby rape-gang were devout Muslims [Source]

Islam teaches Muslims that non-Muslims are the worst of creatures [Source]
Islam teaches Muslims that men are superior to women [Source]
Islam teaches Muslims that it’s okay to rape non-Muslim women [Source]
Muhammed kept sex slaves and married a nine year-old who played with dolls [Source]
Islam teaches Muslims to follow the example of Muhammed [Source]

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12 Responses to Is ethnicity and religion relevant?

  1. robert4 says:

    “Nigerian [50% Muslim] paedophile Opemipo Jaji was “obsessed with little white girls”.”

    In other words, blackity black black black, eh? Is Islam relevant for your label of “Muslim rapist”?

    • I don’t really understand the question. Opemipo Jaji’s rapes were ethnically-motivated, and there’s a good chance he was a Muslim. Yes, I only include rapes where the rapist is either explicitly Muslim, or where we can reasonably assume they’re a Muslim based on general knowledge, ie they come from a majority-Muslim background. There have been Indian Hindu rapists I have not included.

      In Opemipo Jaji’s case, I don’t know if he was a Muslim or not. Do you? What I’ve said is that he comes from a 50% Muslim country, Nigeria. So there’s a 50% chance he’s a Muslim. If that’s not good enough for you then that’s fine, you can think of those as black-on-white hate crimes rather than Muslim-on-Kuffar hate crimes. The other rapes in this long list are all Muslims, it’s not as if this one example is crucial.

      If you’re trying to imply I just include any black rapists, the answer is an emphatic no. There are many racially-motivated rapes I don’t include on #RapeJihad, because the rapist wasn’t Muslim.

      • Nigeria is 90% muslim and recently their Senate endorsed ‘child marriages’, a politically correct term for wide-spread indoctrinated pedophilia. Yemen, Tinisia, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia Senates recently announced no objections to ‘child marriages’, as it is permitted in Islam. The West, if it is to survive, must fight for capital punishment for muslim men.

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  10. Thankyou for your research, Ive started articulating politically for capital punishment in the western world for murderers, rapists, and pedophiles, to stop these evil muslim men. YouTube Teresa van Lieshout.

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